Six Trends to Know for This Spring

Spring is upon us and if you’re living in the East / South East regions you are begging for Spring, or even a regular winter. With every Spring season comes along another set of trends – we’re here to help you get a jump start on these trends and be prepared as we moved into warmer weather.

25 Photos That Will Make You Book a Flight to England NOW!


England has captured our hearts after 7 trips to the glorious nation. After these 25 photos we think you will have your flight booked to London Heathrow by the morning.  Read more

5 Must-Have Swim Trunks You Need for Spring / Summer 2015

Best Board Shorts for Men

Living in California, we typically reach for our swim trunks over pants or shorts about 80% of the time and we practically live in them over the summer. Swim trunks, bathing suits, board shorts – or boardies as we prefer to call them – all serve the same purpose. We prefer boardies that are stylish, versatile, and ultimately serve their purpose in the water. Tip: Ditch the long trunks and pick a pair that sits right above your knee. We have chosen our favorite boardies for this Spring / Summer season below:

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Car Porn: 50 Distinguished Photos of Vintage Ferraris


When it comes to cars here at Tan & Terrific, there’s nothing more we love than vintage Ferraris. Our favorite unanimously goes to the F40 – One of the few turbo’d Ferrari and way ahead of it’s age when it was released. We always enjoy a classic 365 GT 2+2 or 250 GTO as well. Check out the photos below and keep your eye out for when these all go up for auction soon enough. You can imagine some of the prices these will be going for as the vintage car bubble continues to rise with no end in sight – something we’re okay with if you have a few cars on your hands.

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Lamborghini’s Menacing Aventador Superveloce


Lamborghini fans have been counting down the day for Lamborghini to unleash a raging bull with the epic SV badge. That day has arrived as Lamborghini releases the most insane Aventador – the 750-4 Aventador Superveloce.

Dropping 110 lbs through the use of carbon fiber, the beast will put down 750HP at 8400 rpm with the help of its naturally aspirate V12 and propel the car from 0-62 in 2.8 seconds with a top speed over 217 mph. The sound emits through a quad pipe exhaust system that is newly redesigned for lightweight performance but free flowing to allow the burnt fuel and music to emit from its rear end. The Superveloce is priced at 327,190 Euros for those overseas, but US pricing has not been released yet.

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