5 Must-Have Swim Trunks You Need for Spring / Summer 2015

Best Board Shorts for Men

Living in California, we typically reach for our swim trunks over pants or shorts about 80% of the time and we practically live in them over the summer. Swim trunks, bathing suits, board shorts – or boardies as we prefer to call them – all serve the same purpose. We prefer boardies that are stylish, versatile, and ultimately serve their purpose in the water. Tip: Ditch the long trunks and pick a pair that sits right above your knee. We have chosen our favorite boardies for this Spring / Summer season below:

Onia Calder 5E

Onia The Calder 5E – These trunks are as versatile as they come. They were recently redesigned and now sport an elastic waistband. However, they still carry their reinfofrced double-lined side pockets, rear snap closure populate and traditional zip front fly. They even include a superfine mesh lining to keep in you in check. These are great for wearing both as shorts and having the freedom to jump in the water at last minutes notice.

Saturdays Ennis

Saturdays Ennis – These are our go to boardies. There is always a pair at arms reach ready to hit the beach and paddle out. They carry the same heritage design and styling that many surfers from the 60’s and 70’s would be seen wearing on the daily. 100% nylon, velcro + drawcord closure, and the length hits mid-thigh right above the knee. Perfect.

Orlebar Brown Bulldog

Orlebar Brown Bulldog – These are the only swim trunks that James Bond would be caught wearing. These are similar to the likes of the Onia shorts in that they can be worn as regular shorts but have the versatility of being utilized for what they were made for. Side tabs (just as you would find on a tailored men’s suit) are featured to provide perfect fitment. The bulldogs hit mid-thigh at 5.9″ inseam sporting a button and zip-fly closure. We recommend going with a bright color or pattern as Orlebar recently introduced. However, avoid getting a red pair to save the embarrassment of being mistaken as a lifeguard at the pool or beach.

Solid and Striped The Classic

Solid & Striped The Classic – Solid and Striped is one of the newer companies out of this list, but they are quickly taking over the scene. Their swimwear encompasses a laid back yet preppy vibe that goes perfectly for a poolside day. Sporting a drawstring closure and elastic waistband, they are perfect for lounging. The length hits mid-thigh and we prefer to stick with their basic colors and designs. If you feel like stepping out of the box, go for a loud striped print. After all their name is Solid and Striped.

Hartford Swim Trunks

Hartford Swim Shorts – You can’t get more basic (read classic) than Hartford trunks. These hit right above the knee, feature a drawstring closure, elastic waistband, cotton mesh lining and pockets – perfect for the daily wear. Pick out a more traditional fabric when going with these. We prefer the seersucker.