Apple Launched a 12-Page Vogue Ad – Take a Look Here


Apple just released a MEGA ad spread in the latest Vogue issue – estimated to cost north of $2.2 Million. This should come as no surprise with Apple’s cash flow as this advertising cost was a chump change compared to their market value. Apple announced the Apple Watch several months back and has since been delayed with a planned release for April. There will be 3 versions of the watch – the luxe 18-karate gold model, a sports watch, and a leather-bound standard edition. You can find all these in the images below and so far they look stylish. We are not entirely sold on the Apple Watch with it’s [current] limited functionality and price tag. Though we agree with their marketing strategy and roll out of the watch as a fashion accessory rather than another gadget. The success of this release is still up in the air, but if it’s anything like the latest iPhone release, Apple will be ecstatic.


Apple-Vogue02 Apple-Vogue03 Apple-Vogue04 Apple-Vogue05 Apple-Vogue06 Apple-Vogue07 Apple-Vogue08 Apple-Vogue09