25 Photos That Will Make You Book a Flight to England NOW!


England has captured our hearts after 7 trips to the glorious nation. After these 25 photos we think you will have your flight booked to London Heathrow by the morning.  Read more

Photo Tour: Pierre House by Olson Kundig Architechts

Pierre House

Take a look at The Pierre House, developed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. The house is composed of smooth concrete slabs with enforced steel and large glass windows with the signature Pierre multi-faced outlook to offer spectacular views from any side of the home. The property resides in the San Juan Islands and integrates many of the natural elements with the construction allowing greenery to grown the roof and walls. We wouldn’t mind this for a traditional weekend getaway. Take a look at the photo tour below.

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24 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Switzerland


Looking at stunning pictures of incredible places around the world always makes you feel incredibly small sitting at your desk or scrolling on your tablet. The photos of Switzerland below make us feel exactly that. Check out the diversity and seasonal excellence of Switzerland in these pictures. So many locations we’d like to visit – Bern Switzerland, Zurich Switzerland, Geneva Switzerland and more! We’ll be packing our bags now and meet you at the airport soon.

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$5.7 Million and You Can Own This Exuberant French Castle


Have $5.7 Million lying around? If so, you’re in luck and you’ll be living like the families in Game of Thrones. Although $5.7 Million may seem like a good chunk of change, it does seem pretty reasonable for a castle with these amenities. Especially compared to the extreme home prices in many sought after regions in today’s world. Le Chateau de Vigny Castle was built in 1504 for a French Cardinal and is 30 minutes from Paris. No castle is complete without a moat surrounding the entire property – CHECK. Take a look at the photo tour below.

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Well Traveled Instagram That Will Make You Want to Hit the Road


Travel is our forte here at Tan & Terrific. We love travel, adventure, and destinations photos as much or more than the person next to us. Below is in Australia-based artist, Pauly Vella, with a great eye for landscape and a penchant for travel. You can find him all over the world snapping extraordinary photos that will make you want to drop everything and jump on the next flight. Check out some of our favorites below.

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