Well Traveled Instagram That Will Make You Want to Hit the Road


Travel is our forte here at Tan & Terrific. We love travel, adventure, and destinations photos as much or more than the person next to us. Below is in Australia-based artist, Pauly Vella, with a great eye for landscape and a penchant for travel. You can find him all over the world snapping extraordinary photos that will make you want to drop everything and jump on the next flight. Check out some of our favorites below.

Globetrotter01 Globetrotter02 Globetrotter03 Globetrotter04 Globetrotter05 Globetrotter06 Globetrotter07 Globetrotter08 Globetrotter09 Globetrotter10 Globetrotter11 Globetrotter12 Globetrotter13 Globetrotter14 Globetrotter15 Globetrotter16 Globetrotter17 Globetrotter18 Globetrotter19 Globetrotter20