Style Inspiration: 30 Photos of James Dean


There’s only several key names that men should be paying attention to and pulling their style cues from and James Dean is unequivocally one of them. His hair, signature red jackets, tortoise glasses are all looks worth stealing. Check out the pictures below and hopefully pull some inspiration into your own life.

James-Dean01 James-Dean02 James-Dean03 James-Dean04 James-Dean05 James-Dean06 James-Dean07 James-Dean08 James-Dean09 James-Dean10 James-Dean11 James-Dean12 James-Dean13 James-Dean14 James-Dean15 James-Dean16 James-Dean17 James-Dean18 James-Dean19 James-Dean20 James-Dean21 James-Dean22 James-Dean23 James-Dean24 James-Dean25 James-Dean26 James-Dean27 James-Dean28 James-Dean29 James-Dean30